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Kevin Keller

posted Apr 18, 2012 02:51:42 by KristineMacDonald
While browsing a site my friend posted that has hundred of lists that are mostly aimed for fun, I came across one that disgusted me. Kevin Keller is a new character in Archie Comics universe. He appeared in September 2010 and come this past February, he has his own comic line. He was raised as an Army Brat, he has good friends, and he is openly gay. Let's clarify that none of those points listed are what disgusted me.

Kevin's solo line will feature him as an adult and one of the trials he will face is his marriage. What has brought on my ire is that Kevin's nuptials has generated a sleuth of hate, hate that has been compiled into one of the lists on the aforementioned site. They claim that by putting a gay character into Riverdale's wholesome town, that children are having the 'Gay Agenda' forced onto them. I'm straight and I read Archie comics while growing up, but I'm not straight because of that. Are people really that scared of a group of lovely people that they feel the need to demonize a fictional comic character?
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