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So many can I choose just one?

posted Mar 01, 2012 20:37:26 by CampMatt
I would have to say one of my favourite places to go in Cape Breton is Coxheath Mountain. It is a challenging climb for the first five to ten minutes (or longer depending on how many times you've done it), but then as it levels off and you can take in the beauty it's difficult not to be overwhelmed. If there has been recent rain the waterfall about three minutes up is amazing. And when you reach the just have to check it out to know.
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madonna said Mar 01, 2012 21:12:18
Ah Matt - I take about 20 minutes to get past that first part of the hike! lol - obviously different abilities! But I do love it there too. And the fact that the cabin at the top of the Mountain is available for over night stays is pretty darn amazing too!
CampMatt said Mar 29, 2012 17:07:36
LOL Well, the first few times I go in the summer I'm closer to 15-20 minutes but as the summer wears on and I get more and more active my time do my bench breaks. I love this place!
ColleenD'Orsay said Mar 29, 2012 23:00:23
I grew up in Howie Center within walking distance of that trail. Oddly enough, I have never even been on it and I love, love, love hiking! I think I took for granted that it would always be there whenever I 'got around to hiking it.' I never imagined I would be the one that was no longer there...cape breton feels so far away sometimes here in BC...but close in heart xo
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